Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Friday

Still raining ... tired of posting myself dressed in jeans. Blah!

But here is some fun news!

I ran across a website while looking for that adorable green and yellow striped top that Carrie wore to lunch after the gay wedding in Sex and the City 2. Unfortunately, I haven't found the top yet (or even a picture of it to show y'all what I am even talking about), but this website, SeenON, claims to offer "Stunning Private Sales Straight From The Sets". Anyone heard of them yet? It looks like they have done giveaways in the recent past for outfits that were actually worn on TV shows (like 90210), and that they offer these private 3-day sales to members only.

Apparently they are having an event debuting styles inspired by Sex and the City on June 14th. Being that the styles are inspired by SATC, I am assuming these clothes won't be directly from the movie sets, but if you are curious (like I am) at what they will be offering, then sign up (it's free) by clicking on this link.
Happy Friday!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I've never head of the site, but heading there now!

sprinkles said...

Hmm, I haven't seen SATC2 yet but I like the style of clothes you wear so I'm pretty sure I'd probably like the shirt too.

Will have to check the site out, thanks for linking it.

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