Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Up Wednesday?!?

I adore Will Smith and his family. Jaden is pretty fly and I am actually looking forward to taking my boys to see The Karate Kid this weekend. What is up with Willow's style though?? That poor girl needs some fashion classes! Jada mentioned on Oprah that she likes the free and spirited style her daughter possesses, but I am thinking it is a little scary.

The MTV Award for Best Kiss went to Rob and Kristen for their kiss in New Moon. As big of a Saga fan as I am, this kiss did NOT deserve to win! It was awkward and gross, and it looked painful! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds definitely should have gotten kudos for their kiss in The Proposal. There was no grunting involved in their kiss.

JWoww is launching her new clothing line in the next couple of weeks, Filthy Couture. Ummm ... first of all, 'filthy' and 'couture' just don't seem to pair well, and outside of the Dirty Jerz, I am just not sure how this clothing line is going to fly. Maybe Katy Perry will snag a few outfits for her next video?

I love the girl, but what is this look about?

And finally, Heidi Montag has filed for legal separation from her crazy yahoo of a husband, Spencer Pratt. Anyone else see this coming? With The Hills being in its final season, the charade must end as well. I sure hope these two got paid well to fake a marriage for this long.

Getting my wisdom tooth pulled yesterday was a biotch, but with the help of Vicodin, I am doing great today! Thanks so much for all the well wishes and sympathy! xoxo


Anonymous said...

you know those are going to be some hoochified closes that jwow sells!!! && it's about time Heidi realized marrying Spencer was stupid!!!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE Will Smith!! <3

sprinkles said...

I agree with you about Katy Perry. What is that whole look about?

Spencer and Heidi - I can't help but wonder if the separation is a publicity stunt or they'll actually go through with a divorce.

TLF said...

Jada should NOT be in that gold dress.. YACK!

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