Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scentsy, anyone?

Hi Girls! I am hosting a basket party for a very good friend of mine who is a consultant for Scentsy. For those of you who are already familiar with Scentsy, you know how FABULOUS these warmers and scents are. For those not quite aware yet (its okay, we forgive you), Scentsy is a safe way to make your home smell amazing with decor inspired warmers that melt fragrant waxes. The scents are incredible ... my favorites include French Lavender (if you want your room to smell like a spa, get this one!), Guava Nectar (a sweet scent that reminds me of summer) and Satin Sheets (so very sexy and clean, a fave amongst many!). These warmers are safe to have around pets and children ... they heat up with a light bulb! No flames to worry about ... and I cannot express enough how much these scents fill your entire home! One full size warmer placed in a central room (like your kitchen) will linger the scent of your choice throughout your surrounding rooms! Scentsy also has plug-in warmers to place in your bathrooms or smaller rooms!
You will LOVE these products ... I promise!! And if you are interested in ordering through my party, please click HERE to browse the new catalog! As a hostess, I get certain credits based on my total sales (you would be helping me out in this department by ordering). I would love to have a giveaway here on dot...dot...dot... to share my perks, so please order through my party link up until Sunday night. I want to close the party on Monday, so that we get our products before Easter.
Thanks so much for your support, girls!! xoxo

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Unknown said...

I freaking ADORE scentsy!! I have that zebra plug in and I want that last one sooo bad!!!

Plus the new scents? I wanna try them soo bad! :)

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