Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tried something new ...

... And will not be doing this again!! Every year during the holidays, I am on top of my game. I have all my presents shopped for, wrapped, and under the tree well before the week of Christmas. I would admire the holiday shopping frenzy from a distance, being I had nothing to stress about.
This year, I took a different approach. I thought I would slow it down a bit, shop a little longer, and not wrap anything until Christmas Eve. Then, we got blasted with a freak snow storm!! Ugh!! No more complaining on that (you have all heard enough of that the last week and a half), but here I am all bummed out because gifts didn't arrive as they were scheduled. UPS cannot deliver in these 'adverse weather conditions', and SEVERAL gifts are not here to be presented to deserving family members. Sigh. I am glad that these specific people are understaning and don't have hurt feelings, and I am thankful that none of the said packages are for the kids. The little guys wouldn't understand why no presents arrived for them (although I could have probably delayed the actual date of Christmas being they are too young to tell time).
So gift giving will be postponed until next week for a few people, and I will try so hard to salvage the non-stressed holiday spirit that I love so very much!
Merry Christmas Eve!!


Timi said...

YEAH!!! 4 more inches of snow today! I'm freakin tired of Beautiful!

Everything will work out fine with Christmas. I think we stress about things that truly don't really matter to anyone but us.
I went to every store yesterday looking for a Wii. Long story, but the place that has had them stacked in the window sky high for weeks really didn't have them. They were just empty boxes. we spent ALL DAY yesterday driving in the crappy weather with everyone else who was freakin out looking for a Wii. NONE TO BE FOUND IN THIS TOWN. Finally at 9:30 pm we came home and I decided to get on line and just order one. Then I decided just for fun to call a couple of the places we had already been earlier in the day to see if they really didn't have any. Sure enough the first place I called told me they had 5, they couldn't hold them and I couldn't buy over the phone. So we jumped in the truck at 10 pm last night drove the 20 miles to get one. Got there and I was told they didn't have any left, that they only had one on hold for someone else. Well I blew a gasket! That poor clerk got a manager, I explained to the manager what happen and WHALA she produced a Wii for me. Isn't that sad that the one who plays by the rules gets screwed but if you make a stink and get all pissy you get what you want.
After all that while standing in line it hit me. I apologized to the clerk and said "you know, I'm really sorry for going off on you. I know there are people out there who would give anything just for a roof over thier head for one night and hot meal and I'm going off on you because I can't get a Wii. I'm sorry"
Don't stress, just enjoy the time your spending with loved ones.
Now the truth........I probably really wouldn't be all "it's about the time with loved ones" if I was still looking for that damn Wii!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ang said...

Goodness I can not image being stuck home due to snow. It has been far too long since we have lived in an area that even has a snow advisory, lol.

Glad the kiddos gifts are tucked safely under the tree!

Merry Christmas from your friends down south! :)

Jodee said...

Sorry to hear that, I know it must be sucky not to recieve your gifts for Christmas, On a Merry swap partner owes me 30 bucks! I never got a gift at all! I left a sarcastic note on her blog, and I am getting ready this week to email her and tell her I expect to see MONEY in the mail this WEEK! I don't care what kind of excuse she has!

Glad non of the presents were for your kids...hope that snow moves out so you can do some after Christmas shopping!

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