Friday, January 2, 2009

Never Say Never

I am now the proud owner of not just one, but TWO pairs of Uggs! My amazing hubby got me an awesome black Mayfaire pair for Christmas, and I seriously don't even understand why I dragged my feet for so long before getting these oh-so-comfy boots! I am lovin' them!! And extra thanks to all you girls out there who convinced me to try them!

So remember when I was debating the pros and cons? I couldn't get over the whole stuffing my bootleg jeans into the boots, which is my preferred style. Tim took me shopping the day after Christmas, and I set out to find myself a pair of (gasp!!) straight leg or ankle jeans to fit better into my boots. I know, I know ... I hate this style, but after getting a small blister on my ankle from my pant seam crammed into my boot and rubbing on my skin while walking around all day, I was ready to give in!! I didn't want to spend a lot on a pair of jeans that I was only going to wear with my Uggs, so after searching all day, good old American Eagle pulled through for me! Their after-Christmas sale was awesome to begin with, but then I found a cute pair of straight leg jeans that were mis-marked! These particular $49.50 pair were not supposed to be on sale, but the tag said $19.95. After convincing the sales girl, I got them at their marked price!! Yay!! They work out so much better, and make my Ugg wearing way more pleasurable!


Dana said...

I really need to go out and purchase a pair of these uggs!! And way to go on scoring on such a great deal on the jeans!

Oooh and lucky you for getting to go to Cabo! No better time to go after having all this crummy cold weather. Hope you have a wonderful time there!

JenWebb702 said...

I am still not an Uggs fan. I don't think they are very practical for here in Vegas...although with the snow we got this year, I might have to become a fan.
Good job on the price of the pants. I love finding stuff that is mismarked!!

Timi said...

Very cute!
What a score on the jeans. That makes for an even better Christmas present when you get it on sale. Now you can buy yourself something else with all that money you saved.
I try to point out to The Hubs how much money I'm always savin him. That way when I accidently spend more than I saved that day it's all good.
Hows that for girl math?
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 pairs of ugg style boots and I love them all. I have every color it seems:)Black, brown, tan, and pink. I wear them all the time and love em! When I read this about your skinny jean experience I laughed b/c that's how I was but then after I bought 2 pair they are too cute! With boots and their super cute with heels!! Good job April Im proud of you for venturing out:)

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