Thursday, March 5, 2009

Too Sweet!!

The very sweet and funny Sassy Cass passed along an award to me and I am tickled pink! There's nothing like feeling the love from my fellow friends!! You all know how much I love blogging and making you all smile and laugh, and I appreciate all my wonderful girls that I check in on each day for their awesome blogs!!
Along with this award, I get to share 7 things that I love ...
♥ Shopping - it's what I do.
♥ Eating - this little Italian girl loves food!
♥ Traveling with my family - getaways are necessary, just do it!
♥ Juicy Couture - my designer splurge.
♥ Photography - nothing professional, I just enjoy taking pics of my family.
♥ Blogging - cuz you all know how much I like to talk!
♥ Las Vegas with my man -!!
And here are 7 more deserving girls for their Kreativ blogs ...
All About Ashley - a new blog I just recently found - she had me at martini, ha!
I Need A Martini Mom - another vodka girl - and so funny!!
The Creative Mama - Miss Angie defines the Kreativ award - so uplifing and talented!
Babies ... Belly Laughs & Bare Feet - my sister-in-law and coupon princess!
Barely Keeping It All Together - Sasha is awesome at finding and sharing great deals!!
A Girl Named Timi - even though she is addicted to Bejeweled, I still love her!!
Musings of a Housewife - the blogging queen ... she always has great posts!


Ang said...

Aw thanks friend! My first award ever! :)

Yankee Wife said...

♥ Tee do (that's thank-you in two yr old lingo). ha ha! It's my first blog award. Most of what I've learned blogging I've learned from you. Speaking of . . . you're gonna hate it that you taught me this ♥

Sassy Cass said...

Great list, girlie! Those are some of my favorite things, too. Can't wait to check out your winners!:)

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