Friday, May 1, 2009

I Was A Really Good Mom ...

I was inspired by my reader's block and found some great (and not-so-great) books to entertain me. There will be lots of reviews in the (hopefully) near future as I dive into the 5 books I found ... a couple of them were per your recommendations! Thanks, girls!! So, off to book #1 ...

I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids: Reinventing Modern Motherhood by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile

Excuse me, You're Jack's mom, right? Are you losing your mind?
(During Downward Dog)
Trisha: Psssst, Liz. How's it going? Are you losing it?
Liz: Yeah, I'm gonna shoot myself in the head. Talk to ya after class!
I am definitely not a perfect momma. Those who know me have seen the not-so-pleasant side of me when I am yelling at my boys and pulling my hair out. The days when my patience levels expired yesterday and when I am just counting down the minutes for my hubby to get home so I can bust out a martini. I am a busy woman, I try to keep my schedule full on purpose. I stay occupied and my boys have grown accustomed to always having things to do. Being a chronic insomniac though, some days are tougher than others. I am weak, tired, moody, and just don't want to deal with anything. Hey, I am human. I rock as a mom - it is my calling in life - but I am the first to let ya know warn you when I am having a not-so-great day!
This book, while I will admit was really redundant and boring at times, was a great resource for those looking to find some control and organization in their mommyhood lives. These 2 authors, both mommies themselves, interviewed fellow moms and dug deep to find out how women really feel in their roles. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, and single moms all vented and shared their dirty little secrets, and true feelings on their lives. There was even a chapter on husbands and marriage, and the guys shared their own perspectives.
Bottom line ... a good book that teaches you how to embrace and love mommyhood for all it's worth. How not to feel overwhelmed and to reaffirm that you are not the only woman out there feeling the way you do. These 2 authors really did a great job on keeping it real! They have been on Oprah and The Today Show, have written a couple other books in this series and keep up a great website to check out!
Has anyone else read these books? Whadya' think?

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poopsie said...

i am going to get this one...right now i am reading:
tori spellings mommywood...boring. i cant even stay interested.
chelsea handlers my horizontal life...hilarious! i just started it last night.

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