Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yay! I'm It!

The oh-so-cute Molly tagged me for this fun "What's In Your Purse?" game ... so, I cleaned out my bag (duh - lets get rid of all those crumbled up receipts, and put everything in order first) and here's what I carry around each day!

Here's my lil' Coach bag in a soft yellow for the summer. I snagged it at the Coach outlet for $49! I prefer this size because any bigger and I literally lose stuff! I know you have all had that moment when your cell phone is ringing somewhere in your purse and you just can't find it. Yeah. Well, I dumped my bag upside down in the middle of my car one day and swore to never own anything big enough to swallow my much needed items evah again!

Currently in my purse: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy travel perfume, my wallet (that actually matches my other purse), green tea mints, Trident gum, my point-n-shoot camera (never leave home without it!), my fancy little handbag hanger, MAC lip gloss, Spiderman fruitsnacks and a granola bar (yes, I am a mom), a photobooth strip of my boys from the arcade at the beach, and a pen - cuz you always need a pen when you don't have one!

Now I get to tag 6 other girlies to open up their purses and show off their goodies! Have fun!!

Jennifer at JenWebb702

Jodee at The Pinkston Family

Amy at The Seifert's Diary Of Life

Jackie at Babies...Belly Laughs and Bare Feet

Emily at Photos, Fingerprints, Crayons & Coffee

S at a.little.bit.delirious


JenWebb702 said...

I will do this tonight...just doing a quick blog check before I head out to work. Check back tonight for all the fun...I have one of those purses that swallows things.

Yankee Wife said...

OH MY LANDS! You know how heavy my bag is. Now I gotta reveal the contents? This could be frightening. Very frightening. Ha, ha!

Molly said...

Yours was fun! I love the purse in yellow!

Jodee said...

I have been slacking on my reading and blogging! I am dumping out my purse now, and taking a picture! Thanks for helping me clean out my purse...I was totally over due! I loved your purse too- that is the perfect size...I cant handle big ones either:)

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