Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughtless Thursday

Yeah. I am stuck. I am sure I have some cool blog topics in my brain somewhere, but for now they are hiding. So here are some randoms for you ... promise I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon!

Like this card? I got it for Betsy for her birthday this month. It was too darn perfect. If you are a momma, you get it. Ain't no shame.

Anyone see my post on Manicure Mommas a few weeks ago, where I took my solar nails off? Well, they are back on again. It was a short-lived break.

Who hit up the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale going on right now? Please share pics, as I am unable to shop, and need something to ooh and aah over. Stinkin' bills.

And the winners of the oh-so-cool Strap Perfect freebie are Molly and KLC! Send me your shipping addresses to and I will get them off in the mail to you! Be sure to blog about how you liked or didn't like them!!

My next giveaway will be a doosey for my 1 year Blogiversary ... I am working on a few things for all my awesome readers friends, so be sure to stay tuned within the next few weeks.
Have a great weekend!!
Muah xoxo ♥


Betsy said...

What about our little purse hangers that we got??? I LOVE mine. :)

Unknown said...

Oh Miss Betsy ... that will be a seperate blog, of course! Along with the cute liitle gift you gave me yesterday!! Love ya!!

poopsie said...

i put my nails back on too...but i just wear acrylic overlays so the polish will stay on for work. :)
bummed i didnt winne the strap giveaway, i need some bad!

Molly said...

#1 I am so excited to win the strap perfect! Whohoo!!
#2 I love that card. Where is it from?

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