Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Book

I have seen several bloggers do this, so now it's my turn.
Most of you already know that I am a pretty open person. I share a lot here on my blog, whether it is my opinion on a matter, or admitting I have corns on my feet (probably not what y'all wanted to know, but hey). So does anyone out there wonder something about myself that I haven't already shared? Now is your chance ... ask me anything ... I will answer any and all questions! Fun, crazy, personal ... whatever you like! I'll give it a few days, then collect your questions and give you my answers. Let's see what you all can come up with! :o)


poopsie said...

oh...this is cool. now to think of a question....i have a few, feel free to answer 1 or all! :)
1. how did you and tim meet?
2. where did you go to high school?
3. what are your biggest pet peeves?
4. when are we going to meet in person for a drink?? :)

Timi said...

Where would you like to travel to, some place you have never been?

What's your most favorite food dish? The thing that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Your last "light bulb" moment, aaah ha moment, something that made you say.. oh I get it now!

Newest item discovery that your in love with?

Dana said...

Hmm lets see....

What is one of your most embarassing moments?

Money no object---what is your ultimate dream car?

The best gift you have received from your hubby.

Aside from dreaming of being a mama when you were a kid, was there anything else you ever dreamt about being when you grew up?

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