Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Round 2 ...

Answering more questions ... anyone else have any? This is so much fun!!

Timi from A Girl Named Timi asked ...

Where would you like to travel to, some place you have never been?
Italy! You all know how proud I am of my Italian heritage! I would love to go experience Venice, Tuscany, Sicily, and Rome. The language alone makes my heart pitter-patter (if only I spoke it!), and the food ... oh! Mangia!
What is your most favorite food dish? The thing that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
Ahhh ... Cioppino!! Made by my little (and by little, I mean short) 85-year-old Italian grandma! It is a seafood stew in a red sauce, normally served with spaghetti noodles. I prefer it with a loaf (yes, I said a loaf) of french bread. I absolutely refuse to taste any other imposters (i.e. restaurants) ... this dish has to be made by my gram!
Your last "light bulb" moment, aaah ha moment, something that made you say.. oh I get it now!
Hmmm ... obviously my brain isn't working for this question! Anytime I do have one of these moments, it is because my hubby has had to explain something to me in terms I understand. Seriously - with the mom brain I suffer with, he is always trying to help me figure things out. It's a good thing he is a smart man!
Newest item discovery that your in love with?
My sleeping pills!! Ha, ha! I have just recently come to the realization that I can handle life a whole lot better after a good nap or a good night's sleep! It is still hard for me to get to the point at night to sit down and actually pop a pill (I soo enjoy the 'me' time), but when I finally do, it feels good to recharge!

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Lucy Marie said...

I just went to Rome last week. I have waited my whole life to go to Italy, although I am not Italian. It was amazing. I was on vacation in Scotland, visiting my best friend who lives there and she surprised me with a trip to Rome. The food was amazing! I ate my body weight in pasta and gelato .... oh I'm drooling now!

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